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Mark Tobin, American Outdoorsman Television Co-Host

My name is Mark Tobin. I've co -hosted the American Outdoorsman television and radio show for 20 years. I want to tell you about the best trip that I've taken in all those years and encourage you to put this trip on your to do list.

The trip was to Brazil to fish for the incredible Peacock Bass. We stayed on the Amazon Nemo, a beautiful boat that took us to remote parts of tributaries to the Amazon River.

The trip was put together by Terry Jertberg from HighRoller Outdoor Adventures. I've taken several trips to the Amazon and none were better than the ones I took with Terry. Terry pays attention to every detail making sure your trip is the best it can possibly be. Terry lived in Brazil and is very familiar with the country as well as speaking their language. That's a nice bonus for those of us that don't speak Portuguese.

Before I took my first trip to Brazil, when my family found out I was planning to go there several voiced concerns about the safety of traveling to Brazil. And I must admit I had a few concerns of my own. Well let me tell you, traveling with Terry put all those concerns to rest. We never had any safety issues. The natives were extremely friendly and I don't hesitate to go back!

And of course there's the fishing! Folks I can't even begin to explain how much fun it is to fish in Brazil. You're fishing for fish in some waters that have never seen an artificial lure in one of the most beautiful settings in the world! There is truly nothing like catching a Peacock bass on top water baits! I can't describe how vicious and powerful the hit is from those fish. Every day someone would come back to the boat with a broken rod or a burned up real. Suffice it to say it is something you must experience in your lifetime!

Be careful of outfitters that want to take you fishing for Peacock bass with live bait. They are fishing over fished water and it's not near as much fun to catch these fish on bait as it is to catch them top water. You won't need to worry about that if you fish with Terry.

Aside from the Peacock bass I had to take time to fish for Piranha. What a blast! These fish were 3 to 4 pounds and had a very bad attitude! There are tons of unusual fish to catch and if you want to fish for catfish, those waters are virtually untapped. You will wear yourself out catching fish in Brazil!

Every day we would stop on the river and have a shore lunch prepared for us. That in and of itself was worth the trip over there! I don't know if it was just because I was so hungry when we ate but I'm telling you the food they cooked was absolutely delicious. And not just the lunches... all of our meals were great and only added to what was the best trip I've ever taken!

So let me recommend that you take a trip to fish in Brazil. The fishing is like no place else in the world. And let me also recommend you book your trip with Terry Jertberg and the Amazon Nemo.

The Nemo is clean and comfortable. The staff takes care of all your needs. The food is out of this world, and Terry will organize your trip and do everything in his power to make sure your trip to Brazil is the trip of a lifetime!


Unbelievable Brazilian ecosystem, heart stopping fishing action! Best run and organized all-inclusive trip I've ever taken. Awesome hospitality and accommodations.

Dr. J. DeSalvo, New Orleans

Jorge (Terry), I would like to thank you very much for the outstanding service you provided on our recent trip aboard the Nemo. As you remember my bag containing all of my flies did not make the connection in Miami. You not only supplied me with some flies to use but you and your crew went to extraordinary lengths to retrieve my bag from Barcelos by boat so that I might have my flies for the second half of my trip. Such service is extremely rare these days and goes above and beyond what is expected. I have been on numerous guided fishing trips all around the world and have never encountered an outfitter as dedicated to pleasing his customers as you are.

Roland Martin

Terry, over the years, I have been fishing and shooting shows in the Amazon for peacock bass 6 or 7 times. This trip on the Amazon Nemo was the best trip I have ever taken down there. The accommodations, the food, the smaller group atmosphere and the fishing were the best I have ever experienced. We caught more fish and bigger fish than ever. Some of that was due to low water conditions; and, of course, the guides putting us on fish as well. Read About The Trip Roland Took With Us