"Terry, over the years, I have been fishing and shooting shows in the Amazon for peacock bass 6 or 7 times. ... We caught more fish and bigger fish than ever."
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Roland Martin

"Jorge, I would like to thank you very much for the outstanding service you provided on our recent trip aboard the Nemo. As you remember my bag containing all of my flies did not make the connection in Miami. You not only supplied me with some flies to use but you and your crew went to extraordinary lengths to retrieve my bag from Barcelos by boat so that I might have my flies for the second half of my trip..."
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Dr. J. DeSalvo, New Orleans

"I've taken several trips to the Amazon and none were better than the ones I took with Terry... So let me recommend that you take a trip to fish in Brazil. The fishing is like no place else in the world. And let me also recommend you book your trip with Terry Jertberg and the Amazon Nemo."
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Mark Tobin, Kansas City

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Peacock Fishing

Peacock bass fishing, there is no fishing equivalent! There is no location equivalent. This is the ultimate peacock bass fishing experience! Choose the location and let the adventure begin. Experience the Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing while staying at the River Plate Outfitters, the Amazon Tucuna, or the DEMENI BOAT with HighRoller Adventures, LLC.

This all happens in the mysterious Amazon, with it's winding rivers, creeks and hidden lagoons. Awesome is the only word that comes to mind. Hundreds of wild parrots and macaws fly overhead. Howler monkeys far in the distance call their mates from deep in the jungle. Squirrel monkeys jump from the treetops playing "tag"150 ft. above the jungle floor.

Peacock Bass from the Amazon

It's this sort of habitat that breeds the attitude of the Peacock Bass. Yes. This fish has a real attitude. This is my territory; my home and I do not like intruders. I have no fear. The Peacock Bass will strike at your bait just because it can. It is ferocious. It is extremely aggressive!

And it backs up its attitude with powerful, lightning-fast strikes against top water bait like no other fish in the world! It feels like a freight train has got a hold of your bait and line! It will leave you with your mouth wide open! When the Peacock Bass hits your bait, it sounds like a shotgun going off in the middle of the jungle!

Several Luxurious Trips to Choose From:

All of our trips will serve you with great fishing, comfortable lodging, and amazing food!