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Brazil - Amazon Nemo - October II Trip

Small Group: The Amazon Nemo hosted a small group of 6 anglers and our fishing destination was Sta Isabel, an area that we have never fished before. So, we had heard great things about the fishing here, and we were not at all disappointed.

The water levels were very low which made navigating these waters dangerous. This is because the huge rocks this area is known for were showing above the water, but what made it dangerous were the rocks that were NOT showing BELOW the water.

Our small group of anglers ended up catching 15 fish over 20 lbs!!! The largest fish caught was 24 lbs., several 23 lbers and on down. What made this trip even better was the fact that each boat was also catching nice numbers, averaging 50-60 fish per boat per day.

By the end of the week, everybody caught big fish over 20 lbs. Some caught 5 fish over 20 lbs. All anglers were happy and some were estatic!!! I said to myself, "I wish this is how all my trips could be". Lots of fish caught, big fish caught, everybody happy!!!

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