"Terry, over the years, I have been fishing and shooting shows in the Amazon for peacock bass 6 or 7 times. ... We caught more fish and bigger fish than ever."
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Roland Martin

"Jorge, I would like to thank you very much for the outstanding service you provided on our recent trip aboard the Nemo. As you remember my bag containing all of my flies did not make the connection in Miami. You not only supplied me with some flies to use but you and your crew went to extraordinary lengths to retrieve my bag from Barcelos by boat so that I might have my flies for the second half of my trip..."
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Dr. J. DeSalvo, New Orleans

"I've taken several trips to the Amazon and none were better than the ones I took with Terry... So let me recommend that you take a trip to fish in Brazil. The fishing is like no place else in the world. And let me also recommend you book your trip with Terry Jertberg and the Amazon Nemo."
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Mark Tobin, Kansas City

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About Us

As fishermen we live to "experience" the dream of not only the catch and release of exotic species, but to savor our immediate surroundings when that dream becomes reality: the flavor of life we are surrounded by, the culture of the people we visit and the places we travel to see. We take the opportunity to delve into these life changing encounters with each new travel.

It is from this philosophy that HighRoller Adventures, LLC was born. We are, first and foremost, fishermen. We share your dream. We have traveled, so we know what to expect, but most of all we know how to make the most of each experience. What we offer is expertise and understanding. We offer what we ourselves love: a true and complete ultimate fishing experience.

President Terry Jertberg

Terry Jertberg, the company President, is fluent in Brazil's native Portuguese dialect. He was raised in Brazil by missionaries and he understands the culture and flavor of the South American Amazon. Terry continually visits the country and personally explores each trip before we offer it for our clients' travel purposes. An operation has to offer quality fishing, the accommodations must be comfortable and meet stringent requirements before we offer it to you. Why shouldn't your money go to a company with experience and knowledge? Ours does. You can expect quality because we do.

So when you decide to travel and enjoy the experience of a lifetime, call on the one with proven expertise.

Our travel company is the sister company to HighRoller Fishing Lure Company, LLC,  a world leader in custom top water baits. Other lure companies recognize and attempt to mimic our tackle because we have the 'go to' lures for so many species: Peacock Bass, Striper, Tarpon, Musky, Barramundi, and many more. We have been a well kept secret for more than 10 years, but today the secret is out and demand is rocketing world wide. Our baits are prized by many professionals, guides, captains, and even American Presidents. Both Presidents Bush Senior and George W. fish HighRoller Lures.

Our companies are equipped to assist and here to serve you. We aren't looking for a quick nickel; we are looking for life-long satisfied customers. We know you work hard for your money, and we want to work hard for you. So come join our family of travelers and get the entire experience when you travel with HighRoller Adventures, LLC.